Book Review: Worshipping Claire by Taedis

Title: Worshipping Claire

Author: Taedis

Publisher: Femdom Fatale

Publication Date:  August 6th, 2015

Genres: Sci-Fi, Erotica

Shelves: Female-dominant, Female-led

You know that feeling you get when you go into a book with high expectations, and not only are they met, but the author exceeds them by such a degree that you feel guilty for not expecting more? Yeah, Worshipping Claire was one of those books. All I wanted was a bit of erotic size-fetish fluff, but Taedis offers up a smart, sexy, self-aware sci-fi novel that is as full of clever details as it is deep thoughts.

I think the opening of the story is probably as important as anything that comes after it. Despite what you might expect, Mark is not some poor schmuck forced into an experiment to make a few bucks, and he is not some helpless victim who falls prey to a mad scientist. He is a man who could have it all, and he chooses to give away his life, his freedom, and his fortune to live out the fantasy of becoming a living action figure for the woman he loves. Now, that is commitment to a female-led relationship! There are a lot of preliminaries to be dealt with, and the story smartly explores both motivations and consequences. For instance, they discuss the common fetish of insertion, with the institute prohibits because of the physical harm it causes. We come to understand where his fetish comes from, and why he wants to take such a drastic, irreversible step.

Once Mark is shrunk, the story starts to get really exciting, with some bizarre, clever, and amusing details to his new world. Not to be deliberately punny, but it really is the little things that make this stand out – details like turning over the oddly proportioned mattress to find a Kotex adhesive strip on the bottom, using tiny thimbles and tiny brushes to paint his trainer’s nails as if each were a canvas, or describing the paddle-like impact of a fingernail on his bare bottom. Taedis puts a lot of thought into what Mark’s tiny world would look like, and how it would work. It is oddly erotic, amusing and arousing at the same time, until the final arc . . . when things get terrifying.

Where the story really exceeded expectations is in the characters. Mark, Claire, Andrea, and Linda are all well-rounded characters, with personalities, motivations, hidden agendas, and more. There is love here, there is friendship, and (yes) there is fear. We really see what happens when you give up all control, when you put yourself at the whims of others. While there is always a subtle awareness of physical safety to the novel, it is the erotic and emotional vulnerability that drives it. Mark went into his new life with certain fetishes, but his owner has dark, secret fetishes of her own, while his trainer has different fetishes altogether. As a result, he is forced to do things he really does not want to, made to endure erotic punishments he really does not enjoy, all of which reinforces the fact he is a female-owned pet/toy. It is that triangle of tiny man, trainer, and owner that drives much of the story, but the introduction of his bimbo secretary makes for a suitably crazy descent into the darker side of the fantasy.

Worshipping Claire does what good science fiction should do – it makes you think, and it makes you appreciate its deeper themes. However, as A Shrink Inc Novel, it also does what good erotic should do – it makes you feel, which allows you appreciate the fetishes of female-dominance, female-led relationships, and giantess/shrunken-man on a combined level.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2

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