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Book Review: Transfer by Terry M. West

Title: Transfer

Author: Terry M. West

Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment

Publication Date: December 13, 2019

Genres: Horror

What happens when found footage and cursed videos meet creepypasta Internet memes? When Slender Man becomes The Screamer? Ask Terry West, because he knows . . . and he’s not afraid to share all the grisly details.

Of course, in an age of cloud computing and steaming media, cursed VHS tapes are a quaint memory. So, how do you keep the cursed footage genre alive? If you’re talking Transfer, then you take that technology and make it a part of the story. Howie and Nick are media professionals, digitizing and restoring amateur video footage, working in cloud folders, and bantering over their work when they discover an incomprehensible file. 

It appears from nowhere. It has no time coding. It can’t be re-watched. It can’t even be recorded on a cell phone. And the nauseating, blood-curdling scream of its monstrous star cannot be contained by volume controls or mute buttons. It’s impossible. It can’t exist. And the two men are obsessed.

Because of them, because of their camaraderie and their intensity, this story gets under your skin and in your head. We want answers as much as they do, but the more we know, the less we want them to keep searching. It’s too dangerous, and the stakes are literally life and death.

The grainy, poorly lit footage of the green room with its cannibalistic inhabitants and moss-covered graves is creepy enough on its own, but when it begins infecting real life, that’s when the story gets interesting.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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