NSFW Book Review: The Centaur’s Pony Collection by Alexis Furr

Title: The Centaur’s Pony Collection

Author: Alexis Furr

Publisher: Alexis Furr

Publication Date: January 2, 2020

Genres: Erotica

Shelves: Female-author, female-fronted

Having followed Alexis Furr on Twitter for some time now, I was curious to check out her stories. I already had my eyes on the first of her Centaur books, so when I saw all three titles available in The Centaur’s Pony Collection, I knew I had found my excuse to indulge.

Set in fantasy realm where shapeshifting centaur tribes are all-male, requiring human females for breeding, all three stories in the collection follow the same theme or formula . . . but there are some important differences that make each memorable. One story sees young women sacrificed to a centaur tribe as the price of the village’s protection; another has a young woman kidnapped by centaurs as part of a raid; and the other explores the young women who volunteer to become part of a centaur harem in order to pay their village’s tribute. The stories take us from reluctant obligation, to persistent resistance, to tentative curiosity.

The Centaur’s Pony, the first of the three stories, is largely about the basic pony experience, with Rhia learning the costuming, posture, and behavior of a human pony before submitting herself to one of the centaurs. With the second story, Joining the Centaur’s Harem, that pony experience is expanded to have Sierra bridled, harnessed, and used as a racing pony, competing for the Prince’s affection. In the final story, Belonging to the Centaurs, Narina is introduced to an even deeper pony experience, with a mask and blinders added to her costuming, putting an even great focus on the racing experience as Narina strives to push her limits and outrace her competition.

What all three stories have in common is the erotic interplay between the women chosen to be wild ponies, harem ponies, or grooms. With the grooms, the lesbian experience is sensual and tender, consisting largely of bathing, grooming, and soothing anxious ponies. Between the wild ponies, it is more animalistic and aggressive, as much about challenging for a place on the herd as it mutual orgasmic release. Finally, in graduating to the centaur harems, the erotic displays there are passionate and intense, more emotional, with the added interplay of the centaur shapeshifters as voyeurs or participants.

Initially, I found the first story to be a little disappointing, lighter on detail than I had expected, but having read all three I can appreciate how Alexis Furr develops the fantasy, takes the reader deeper with each new story, and expand upon the intensity of the ponygirl roleplay as she goes. That progression makes The Centaur’s Pony Collection a perfect collection for those who are merely curious about the fantasy, with the final two books sure to satisfy even hardcore pony kinksters. A fun read.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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