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Book Review: Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth By Giles English

Title: Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth

Author:  Giles English

Publisher:  Giles English

Publication Date:  Dec 2, 2019

Genres: Erotica

Shelves: Female-dominant

Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth is a short, fun, quirky bit of erotica by Giles English that incorporates his usual themes of chastity and female domination with the added bonus of a pretty goth.

Giles begins teasing that gothic element from the opening lines with thunder, a clawing sensation, a shiny black mesh sheath, and a nightmare-bleak living room before Gigi even arrives at the door with her heavy make-up, piercings, black-velvet corset and block-heeled combat boots. It’s subtle, but effective, setting the reader up to expect a certain tone from the story.

Giddy and inebriated, Gigi reveals she stole the keys to Michael’s chastity device from his desk. It excites her, and the idea of making his fantasy of giving up control arouses her, even if it’ll take a little blackmail to make it happen. Be careful what you wish for indeed.

This is a rather short story, more about the dynamics of female domination and the psychology of a chaste submissive, but it’s still undeniably erotic. Michael finds himself completely at her mercy, forced to perform for her, to worship her, and all on a deadline . . . with every additional moment adding to his chastity. Gigi is an exquisite character and the open-ended questions at the end, inviting the reader to help guide the next chapter, make it easy to want more of her and Michael.

Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth is another fantastic example of an author who knows, lives, and understands the material. Worth a read.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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