Spotlight: King’s Signet by B C Locke

The Valiant Knight Keverne gets invited by two gallant knights Berkley and Galsworthy; which invites him, to one of the biggest celebrations held during the year, through the signet letter from King Brant. Signet is the special engraved seal on the letter that King’s sign with his signature. Keverne has to pick out most beautiful girl by looking at the back of the body along with the four others. On the way to this royal dance, Keverne bumps into this damsel Kara the Sidhe, while coming across a few dilemmas. Only way to cure the main dilemmas is by having the King’s Signet Ring from Knight Roselynn; in return, she takes her mate, Bard Vergie to go to the Wizard Windell to get them to the main Sorceress curing Keverne’s mistake; that turns into a wonderful gift. By forbidden sorcery and devaluing does the unravelling of everything which changes their world. Unexpectedly the Goddess Morganton intervenes for Kara’s true love!

In the mist, battles are ragging on King Oakey’s Kingdom. Virginia known as Vergie has to walk through death to save Oakey’s Kingdom. What does this entail?

Title: King’s Signet
Author: B C Locke
Print Length: 344 pages
Publication Date: June 13, 2020

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About the Author

I am a Novelist, writer, and Poet currently living in Asheville, NC. My interests range writing, reading JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings, hiking scenic like seeing Majestic Castles, and I enjoy different cafés, food, stage plays like Guys and Dolls, traveling to different theme parks like Dollywood and other places.

Check out my sites on FB, and more about the Magical Realm Phantasy Author at:


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