Press Release: Elements of Horror Audio Editions

Red Cape Publishing are pleased to announce the release of all four books in the Elements of Horror series onto Audible and iTunes. Each volume include a selection of horror stories with a variety of takes on the theme.

The Elements of Horror series include stories by David F. Gray, Monster Smith, Daren Callow, Zachary Ashford, Carmilla Voiez, Dale Parnell, Andrew Bell, R.C. Rumple, Theresa Jacobs, P.J. Blakey-Novis, and more.

Available for Kindle (included in Kindle Unlimited), paperback, and audio through Amazon:

Earth (narrated by Matthew McClain)

Air (narrated by Michael Brusasco)

Fire (narrated by Michael Brusasco)

Water (narrated by Michael Brusasco)

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