Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes books bought (my wife would say I buy too many), borrowed (a rare occurrence), and received for review (which I’m trying to reign in).

Review Titles

A nice little sampling of digital review titles this week…

First up is Blood and Honor by Miranda Lyn, the first book of her Fae Rising trilogy, all 3 books of which will be released between January and April. A story of adventure, battle toughened fae, budding romance, and glory-destined heroines, it sounds like a fabulous read.

The Trophy Wife Hunt by Courtney Captisa is a story I beta read back in July, so I’m eager to read the finished proudct. Loosely based on The Most Dangerous Game, it follows a jilted fiancé named Jake who finds himself stranded on mad scientist’s island where he is drugged, transformed, and forced to endure 3 days as the prey in a bizarre hunt.

Not to be Borne is the latest work of dark romance from N.J. Lysk (whose The Realm of the Impossible I’m seriously tardy in getting reviewed) featuring twin brothers who both present as omegas, forcing them to see a faraway pack that will take them both, only to find their new Alpha has more planned than they suspect.

Finally, Daisy is the first book of The Snow Queen by another good friend, Terri Peterson, about a transgender woman finds she enjoys the wealth and bloody violence that gang culture brings, breaking free of her male chrysalis to become the beautiful butterfly within . . . and unleashing the cold-hearted power of The Snow Queen.

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

Nothing on the paperback front this week.

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

Legacy of the Lost by Lindsey Fairleigh is the first book of the Atlantis Legacy in which an anxious, reclusive young woman must brave the crippling pain of human touch to save her tomb-raiding mother, only to discover her illness is actually a gift, just not of this world.

Paris Is Flaming by Mistress Luxuria is the story of Paris Davis, professional dominatrix, who is no sooner crowned the new queen of the BDSM community in North America and she finds herself thrust into a deadly treasure hunt that could lead her to more than just the truth.

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