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Excerpt & Giveaway: Mad Hatter Vampire Prince by Kia Carrington-Russell


Kyran Klaus is the prince of Grand Klaus, his reputation honoring him the title of the Mad Hatter Vampire Prince. Crazy, deadly, lustful, and utterly bored with life.

Sasha Pierce is one of a kind. Having been experimented on by her mother as a child, she’s become a human weapon who’s looking for answers beyond the walls where her kind aren’t enslaved to vampires.

When the Mad Hatter Prince takes a sudden interest in Sasha and her work, she scarcely begins to cover her tracks and hide her secrets. What she doesn’t anticipate is being a pawn in his most sinister performance yet.

Disturbingly Wicked! This novella is not for the fainthearted. Lust, Gore, Wit, and Malicious Humor. Prepare to be deliciously tainted.

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I had once read of a romantic notion that a boy threw pebbles at a girl’s window to endearingly grab her attention during the night. She was inundated with surprise and then glee that he had thought of her and come to see her unannounced. I could woo Sasha with such a human notion. I stood outside her window with pebble in hand. “Now if I just gently throw this.” I flicked it with as little force as I could. The small rock chipped through and smashed the window into obliteration with consequential force. A booby trap was triggered, and arrows shot out of the wall from eleven different directions.

I skidded left and right dodging them in the fun of the game. Well hot damn, was this woman overly cautious when it came to security. After avoiding the barrage of arrows that were meant to murder me, I looked up and met her stealthy brown eyes through the broken window. She held a gun poised in my direction, unimpressed. She could fire as many of those arrows as she wanted, and it wouldn’t do a damn thing. Maybe amateur vampires but not me.

“What do you want Kyran?” She asked irritated and put the gun down.

“I was just passing through the neighborhood randomly,” I said circling my finger and admiring my surroundings. “And thought perhaps you’d like to take a walk outside the walls with the most handsome vampire you’ve ever laid eyes on?” I was certain she couldn’t resist. I knew that she wanted nothing more than to see outside and past the walls. She wouldn’t have asked for an audience and permission otherwise. I was curious as to whether her pride would hold her back from taking hold of my generous opportunity.

She was wearing a short sleeve shirt and black underwear. No lace. Entirely boring but the cream of her legs made me consider another proposition. Why go outside the walls when we could stay in. And when I say in, I mean inside of her. She huffed in disapproval as if having read my mind. Her hair wasn’t in its usual poised pinned back ponytail. It was messy like a wild animal. An untamed mane that was entirely appropriate for this beast of a woman. “Or perhaps I could come join you in that cold apartment beside that cold beating heart of yours? Maybe I could warm you up from the inside?”

“Is this anything but a game to you?” She asked, pissed off now. How I loved to see that glow of hatred simmer on her face. Because hatred was the definition of passion. Both were wild and irrational. I knew it would be only a matter of time until I could convert that dire need to kill me to transfix into the desire to fuck me. I’d never had to wait this long before, it was all rather exhilarating.

“Everything is but a game, Darling. Play with me?” I purred, reaching out my hand to her in dramatic flare and welcoming gesture. “Or I will take what I desire forcefully.” My charming threat didn’t force her to deter that steely gaze.

“I could kill you; you know? Actually end your existence,” she said with absolute certainty. I scoffed and laughed looking around to see if anyone else was here to listen to the hilarious joke she had made. Of course, no one else was around. Just us. No, I doubted little Sasha had many friends in her neighborhood with an attitude like that. Nobody even stirred at the commotion from the mass shooting of arrows that had come my way.

About the Author

Kia Carrington-Russell grew up in the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Originally, she pursued a career in freelance journalism, before giving into her passion for writing fiction in 2014.

Announced “The Best New Author of 2015” by AusRomToday, Carrington-Russell has received numerous awards and acclaim.

Learn more about Kia at and follow her at @kia_crystal on Instagram.


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