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Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes books bought (my wife would say I buy too many), borrowed (a rare occurrence), and received for review (which I’m trying to reign in).

Review Titles

I’m trying to hold off on the review titles with an eye towards clearing out my review pile before the end of the year, but this is one I’ve been anxiously awaiting…

The Ascendancy of Warriors by J.L. Nicely

It would be the battle of their time…

On the brink of peace between the clans of her realm, Seanna, the solitary warrior scout from a clan of elite women fighters, leads a quest to unite two realms under a powerful new alliance and backed by the love of a king. She stands ready to fulfill an ancestor’s prophecy that through her lineage of warriors, a new time will rise for the clan of the Womara and the men who love them. But the future is overshadowed by a looming threat from across the sea, as clans must now stand together to face down invasion and war.

Seanna is caught in a web of deceit and a betrayal that will place her life in the hands of Lord Orman, the king’s treacherous advisor, who joins forces with a new nemesis, the self-proclaimed barbarian queen, Halla, as she leads a rebel army to invade Seanna’s lands. Seanna’s secret bloodline could unite kingdoms, but at a costly price. Will she sacrifice herself, knowing that she may never again see her home or the man she loves?

And this one came with a tour stop I did this week. It just sounds like too much fun…

Juan of the Dead by Jacalyn Boggs

Go on a cruise, they said. Learn about other cultures, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Yeah, I thought my birthday cruise would be all sexy pool boys with fruity drinks and me working on my epic summer tan. Instead, I sacrificed my favorite Jimmy Choos and my gorgeous Coach handbag to some awful earthquake while shopping in a crappy Mexican port. That place is getting zero stars.Oh yeah, and I sacrificed my life. Lucky for me this totally hunky (but nerdy) anthropologist, Jon, hauled my hot corpse in to the nearby ancient Mayan or whatever temple and performed some sort of creepy voodoo ritual on me. Forget all the garbage from Hollywood about shuffling, brain-obsessed, homicidal corpses. Maybe that’s how it was in the 70’s but those misguided souls also thought polyester was a good fashion statement. What the movies got right is that someone always wants to kill off the undead, and I’m no different. I’m too young and too hot to leave the party this soon. I’ve got a second chance, but Jon and I need to know what’s going on with my post-life situation before someone finishes me off for good.

And, finally, this one came with the promise of diverse, literary erotica featuring authors like Cecilia Tan and Sharyn Ferns.

Erato: Flash Fiction
edited by Alex Freeman, Guinevere Chase, and T.C. Mill

This anthology features 50 erotic short, short stories with a diversity of characters and settings–all of them breathtakingly seductive and memorable. Expand your erotic imagination and discover the pleasure different bodies, relationships, and play with language can bring us. From the prehistoric past to newly discovered planets in the far future, characters who are cis, trans, and nonbinary explore their desires, whether gay, straight, lesbian, bi and pan, or ace!The sexy stories included here include kinky, creative, and body-positive celebrations of sensuality. Slow seductions and urgent lust are both on offer, with hours of reading pleasure for you to savor one luxurious bite at a time. With flash fiction from experienced storytellers and hot new talent, there’s no need to “skip to the good parts” in this collection: every moment with caress the senses and linger in the mind. Escape into their brief but powerful spell for ten minutes before bed, or over your morning cup of coffee, during your bus ride, or as a sweet treat during a break! Share with your partner(s) by reading these lyrical pieces aloud, or indulge on your own.

And a late addition to the shelves, it’s a finished copy of a collection I beta read earlier this month…

Frightening Feminization
by Courtney Captisa

Don’t pee your panties once you put them on! 8 TG short stories ranging from Slasher to Psychological Terror!

Hit & Run & Feminize: A young lawyer accidentally kills an 18-year-old female jogger in a drunk driving incident. Knowing his future career is on the line, he hides her body. After visits from her, he takes drastic measures to ensure she is comes back to life.

Crossdressing Cabin: Invited to spend a “girl’s weekend” at a cabin by the lake, Kevin is nervous, yet excited to be feminized by the group of young ladies. Once in femme, “Kelsie” is treated like one of girls. The hostess Clarissa discloses that her parents were able to buy the property for cheap because of the stigma of the previous owners and attendees being murdered. Unfortunately, the evil killer wants to put an end to their girls-only party!

Blizzard of Holly: Written by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear. When his car is destroyed during a blizzard, James is rescued by a woman who wants a replacement of her teenage daughter.

Old Towne Road: Two men on their way to the casino are detoured into a town that seems a few decades behind the times. Where the women seem a little too submissive and old fashioned. Warning: contains racially subjective material given the theme and time period.

This House is Roomy: Lee inherits a house from an uncle that has gone missing under disturbing circumstances. While the common areas are empty, some of the bedrooms seem to be fully furnished with female items. Warning: contains brief adult scene.

Hairspray of Horror: Ryan needs a haircut. This creepy retro salon should be fine for a basic men’s cut.

Have a Good Nightmare: A young family man starts to have nightmares about the unfortunate future.

Found Footage: Previously released on Fictionmania & TG Storytime. Successful fashion blogger and designer Allison Gilmore returns to her childhood home in New England to gather her remaining personal items before her parents retire to Florida. What starts as a trip back in memory lane turns into a nightmare as Allison discovers home movies in the attic that she was never supposed to see. Contains images.

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

Nothing new on the paperback front this week . . .

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

Just two digital purchases this week . . .

His Secret Illuminations, the first book of The Warrior’s Guild, by Scarlett Gale was brought to my attention by Deb of the LGBTQIA Historical Romance blog. It’s a cozy femdom fantasy romance featuring a shy repressed monk named Lucían and the buff bisexual warrior woman named the She-Wolf who drags him out of the cloister and into adventure!

Best Fiends, the first Collared by Master book by D’Angel, was a Kindle discovery – the story of Dawn and Dusk, obedient, loyal, omega submissives with a psychic bond, and their pansexual alpha vampire Master. And, since they were free, I grabbed copies of Bolidean Bloodlust and Of Night and Day, the first 2 books of the main Celestial Bodies of Regalia series, as well.

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