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Monthly Roundup & Look Ahead

Monthly Roundup: October

Taking a quick look at the numbers for October. . .

  • Books bought – 6
  • Books downloaded – 7
  • ARCs received for review (physical) – 2
  • ARCs received for review (digital) – 9
  • Books read – 10
  • Average rating: 4.25

Last month’s reviews included:

I always find what reviews are best received across different mediums to be fascinating, as it points to different audience segments being engaged. A good mix this month with some real variety.

Look Ahead: November

I always hesitate to look too far ahead, since my reading is dictated as much by my whims and desires of the moment as by release dates. This month I reviewed just 8 of the 14 that I planned to cover, with 3 DNFs (ouch) and 1 corrupted file (sigh) that just wouldn’t load past the table-of-contents.

November is going to be rough, especially since I need to immerse myself in closing out a writing project this week, but reviews I’m hopeful you’ll see this month include:

  • Princess by Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt (I’m late on getting this reviewed but am having fun with it)
  • The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow (I received a finished copy of this and I’m eager to get reading)
  • The Awakening by Nora Roberts (one of the most exciting ARCs to land in the mailbox last month)
  • The Ascendancy of Warriors by J.L. Nicely (I’m eager to see how the saga of the Womara ends)
  • Fiends of Nightmaria by Steven Erikson (It’s been a while since I visited Malazan, so I’m up for this)
  • Sorcery of a Queen by Brian Naslund (I loved the first book of the series, so I’m eager to see where it goes next)
  • The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows by Olivia Waite (there are no words for how much I loved the first Feminine Pursuits romance!)
  • Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson (no, I don’t have a copy of this yet, but I suspect I’ll drop everything else when it arrives!)

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  1. I feel like November is going to be a strong reading month for me, I’ve got so many highly anticipated books to read. Looks like you have a fantastic month coming up too!


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