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Monthly Roundup & Look Ahead

Monthly Roundup: November

Taking a quick look at the numbers for November . . .

  • Books bought – 11
  • Books downloaded – 13
  • ARCs received for review (physical) – 1
  • ARCs received for review (digital) – 4
  • Books read – 9
    • Author gender – 7 female, 2 male
    • New-to-me Authors – 5
    • Average rating – 4.2

Last month’s reviews included:

I always find what reviews are best received across different mediums to be fascinating, as it points to different audience segments being engaged. A good mix this month with some real variety.

November was a good month for traffic and growth as well, with the most page views since May, some strong follower growth on Twitter, and a nice boost in Goodreads friends.

Look Ahead: December

I always hesitate to look too far ahead, since my reading is dictated as much by my whims and desires of the moment as by release dates. This past month I reviewed 5 of the 8 books that I had planned to cover, but I’m currently reading the other 3, so I’m pretty happy with that.

For December I’m both going to be trying to close out 2020 titles while dipping into 2021 titles, with reviews I’m hopeful you’ll see this month including:

  • The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow (I’m woefully behind in getting this read, but a review is coming)
  • Sorcery of a Queen by Brian Naslund (I’m struggling with this one, but I loved the first book of the series, so I’m hesitant to abandon it)
  • Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson (This is a big book, so it may take a few weeks, but I’m enjoying the read)
  • Erato: Flash Fiction edited by by Alex Freeman (This kind of got nudged aside last month, but I’m reading it again)
  • Daisy & Molly by Terri Peterson (a pair of new releases from a good friend that I’m excited to catch up with)
  • Blood and Honor by by Miranda Lyn (This is a January release I’ve been anxious to get reading)
  • The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick (A tweet from Marie Brennan this past week bumped this January release up the TBR stack)
  • The Frozen Crown by Greta Kelly (Another January release I’m excited about)

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