Book Review: Deeply Hidden Secrets by M.C. Questgend

Title: Deeply Hidden Secrets Author: M.C. Questgend Publisher: M.C. Questgend Publication Date: August 4, 202 Genres: Erotica, Thriller Shelves: Female-authored, transgender Secrets. They can protect us, but they can also expose us. At their best, they can insulate us from those who would betray us but, at their worst, they can leave us vulnerable to such betrayal. When it comes... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Feeling Dottie by Regina Watts

Title: Feeling Dottie Author: Regina Watts Publisher: Painted Blue Publishing Publication Date: June 9, 2020 Genres: Horror, Erotica Shelves: Female-author What would you do if your fantasies were so dark, so depraved, that friends and family would loathe you for them? What would you do if you found someone who shared those fantasies, who understood them like nobody else ever... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Hired For His Womb by Phoenix Rose

Title: Hired For His Womb Author: Phoenix Rose Publisher: Phoenix Rose Publication Date: Sept 4, 2020 Genres: Erotica, Science Fiction Shelves: Female-dominant, Transgender An exciting tale of office politics, gender roles, and the power exchange, Hired For His Womb is deeper and more thoughtful than you're likely expecting. I was intrigued by the concept, but it was what Phoenix Rose... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Cloned by Ophelia Apex

Title: Cloned Author: Ophelia Apex Publisher: Ophelia Apex Publication Date: Aug 17, 2020 Genres: Erotica, Science Fiction Shelves: Female-authored, Female-fronted This was a story that came to me with a very simple tease. "2nd person short story. You, a woman, having sex with your clone." That was it. Nothing about the overall scenario, nothing about the author, just that tease.... Continue Reading →

Guest Post & Book Review: Radley’s Home for Horny Monsters by Annabelle Hawthorne

Radley's Home for Horny MonstersHorny Monsters Book 1by Annabelle HawthorneGenre: Erotic Modern Fantasy Read the story that won both Best Erotic Fantasy and Best Erotic Story by a New Author in the 2018 Clitoride Awards! "If you like sexy fantasy, and I do, this is one great read." -Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series When Mike Radley inherited a mysterious old... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Edge Play by Jane Boon

Title: Edge Play Author: Jane Boon Publisher: Regan Arts Publication Date: July 21, 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored, Female-fronted, Female-dominant Empowering, edgy, and erotic, Edge Play is one of those reads that get both your mind and your heart racing. It understands that the power exchange goes far beyond the dungeon walls, and recognizes that the skills of a dominatrix... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: The Dark Wood by Zadie Black

Title: The Dark Wood Author: Zadie Black Publisher: Zadie Black Publication Date: May 23, 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored, Female-fronted This was such a surreal read, such a seamless blend of fairy tale and fetish, that it does indeed feel almost magical. In leading us into The Dark Wood for the first time, Zadie Black puts a darker, more erotic... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Forbidden Desire by Robin Lovett

Title: Forbidden Desire Author: Robin Lovett Publisher: Entangled: Scorched Publication Date: July 13 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored, Female-dominant, Female-fronted I know, you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it was the blue-skinned, voluptuous alien that caught my attention . . . and the tease of a sex goddess and promise of sex powers in the... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Michael by Marilize Roos

Title: Michael Author: Marilize Roos Publisher: Marilize Roos Publication Date: July 18, 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored The first Club Angelus novel from Marilize Roos, Michael was an interesting read that initially had me a little uncertain . . . somewhat unsettled . . . conflicted even as to how I felt about it all, but the more I have... Continue Reading →

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