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Book Review & Giveaway: Bloodlaced by Courtney Maguire

Kanjin hardly view their servants as human. Even less so when they are different. Asagi is different. Both a man and a woman. In the wake of his failure to protect a boy he saw as a son from their abusive master, Asagi is sold into the house of a young nobleman, Mahiro, who is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Kinship and Kindness by Kara Jorgensen

Title: Kinship and Kindness Author: Kara Jorgensen Publisher: Kara Jorgensen Publication Date: August 5, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy, Romance Shelves: Transgender This was just delightful, both sweeter and darker than I expected, with some wonderful themes of understanding and acceptance throughout. Kinship and Kindness is a story of pack and of family, a story about transformations, and a story of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus by Chuck Tingle

Title: Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus Author: Chuck Tingle Publisher: Chuck Tingle Publication Date: June 12, 2020 Genres: Romance Shelves: Female-fronted, Transgender Somehow weirder than I expected and yet more down-to-earth at the same time, Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus was an interesting introduction to the Tingleverse. Full confession here, I love... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Heap of Trouble by Gail Z. Martin

Title: Witches, Warriors and Wise Women Author: Gail Z. Martin Publisher: Prospective Press Publication Date: June 16, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-authored, Female-fronted In honor of Gail Z. Martin stopping by today to talk Witches, Wise Women and Way More as part of her Hawthorn blog tour, I wanted to review Heap of Trouble, her Deadly Curiosities story from the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Grand Tour by E. Catherine Tobler

Title: The Grand Tour Author: E. Catherine Tobler Publisher: Apex Book Company Publication Date: June 15, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-authored A literary circus tour of the strange and the unusual, with destinations as frightening as they are fascinating, The Grand Tour offers a ticket to . . . elsewhere. E. Catherine Tobler has a mythical, surreal sort of style... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sky of Water by Stacey Tucker

Title: Sky of Water Author: Stacey Tucker Publisher: SparkPress Publication Date: May 12, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored Like its predecessor, Alchemy's Air, the third book of The Equal Night Trilogy is once again a story of feminine power that escalates the themes and threads of the saga to tell a story that feels suitably epic. With there... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Alchemy’s Air by Stacey Tucker

Title: Alchemy's Air Author: Stacey Tucker Publisher: SparkPress Publication Date: May 14, 2019 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored If Ocean's Fire, the opening chapter of the trilogy, was a story about feminine power, then the sequel, Alchemy's Air, is quite simply a story of feminine power. It not only continues the themes of the first book, it advances the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ocean’s Fire by Stacey Tucker

Title: Ocean's Fire Author: Stacey Tucker Publisher: SparkPress Publication Date: October 10, 2017 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored A story of, about, and by feminine power, Ocean's Fire is an interesting mix of themes, genres, and stories. It consists of equal parts urban fantasy, science fiction, young romance, family drama, and political thriller, blending science and spiritualism in a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Voodoo Shanghai by Kristi Charish

Title: Voodoo Shanghai Author: Kristi Charish Publisher: Vintage Canada Publication Date: February 18, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored What? No! That ending . . . that last chapter . . . that closing scene . . . Voodoo Shanghai is "the third and final installment in the Kincaid Strange saga . . . and I am totally and... Continue Reading →

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