Press Release – The A to Z of Horror

The A to Z of Horror is an ambitious series of twenty-six anthologies from Red Cape Publishing. Following on from the success of A is for Aliens in March 2020, May 13th sees the launch of B is for Beasts. Including thirteen stories featuring everything from oversized bugs to Kaiju, vicious woodland creatures to giant... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: RE-COIL by J.T. Nicholas

Inspiration is a funny thing.  One of the things that I always get asked is, “How do you come up with your ideas?”  It’s a weird question, because it’s both really easy and really hard to answer.  The short answer is… pretty much everywhere.  But that’s not exactly helpful.  So, here’s what I can remember... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Follow Him by Craig Stewart

Title: Follow Him Author: Craig Stewart Publisher: HellBound Books Publication Date: September 27, 2019 Genres: Horror Shelves: Female-fronted While there are hints of the supernatural and promises of apocalyptic darkness in the opening chapters of Follow Him, they are almost deceptively placid . . . slow paced and subtle . . . character studies of men and women whose... Continue Reading →

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