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Book Review: Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth By Giles English

Title: Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth Author:  Giles English Publisher:  Giles English Publication Date:  Dec 2, 2019 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-dominant Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth is a short, fun, quirky bit of erotica by Giles English that incorporates his usual themes of chastity and female domination with the added bonus of a... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Locked-In Love by Key Barrett

Title: Locked-In Love Author: Key Barrett Publisher: Key Barrett Publishing Publication Date: September 23, 2018 Genres: Non-Fiction Shelves: Female-led, NSFW When you pick up a book by Key Barrett you're getting the benefit of both education and entertainment. You're opening yourself to a man with a Masters of Science in Anthropology, one who has studied sexual subcultures around the world,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Kinky Neighborhood (FemDom Wives In Control) by Mistress Benay

Title: The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control Author: Mistress Benay Publisher: DSC Publishing Publication Date: June 28, 2015 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-dominant, Female-led, Female-author A legend in the female domination community, an icon in female-led relationships, and a wonderfully kind woman (in the few interactions I was fortunate enough to enjoy before her sudden passing), Mistress Benay was an... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Tortured by Amazon Redheads By Giles English

Title: Tortured by Amazon Redheads Author:  Giles English Publisher:  Giles English Publication Date:  Aug. 30, 2019 Genres: Fantasy, Erotica Shelves: Female-dominant Drawing inspiration from grimdark fantasy, old-school men's adventure novels, and female domination erotica, Tortured by Amazon Redheads is actually a far better read than you might expect. Giles English not only knows how to construct a... Continue Reading →

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