Book Review: Unconquered Warrior by J.L. Nicely

Title: Unconquered Warrior Author: J.L. Nicely Publisher: Braintree Press Publication Date: July 8, 2018 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, female-authored This was a book that was nothing like I expected, and yet everything I wanted it to be. Unconquered Warrior is an epic fantasy novel that advances the theme of female empowerment even as it places so many of the familiar... Continue Reading →

#NSFW Book Review: Forward by Elizabeth Fyre

Title: Forward Author: Elizabeth Fyre Publisher: Elizabeth Fyre Publication Date: May 1, 2020 Genres: Erotic Romance Shelves: Female-fronted, female-authored The blurb for Forward definitely caught my eye, and the pitch from Elizabeth Fyre stoked that curiosity, but I was not expecting the depth or the breadth of the story here. This was a pleasant surprise all around. Based on the blurb,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sky of Water by Stacey Tucker

Title: Sky of Water Author: Stacey Tucker Publisher: SparkPress Publication Date: May 12, 2020 Genres: Urban Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored Like its predecessor, Alchemy's Air, the third book of The Equal Night Trilogy is once again a story of feminine power that escalates the themes and threads of the saga to tell a story that feels suitably epic. With there... Continue Reading →

#NSFW Book Review: Scandalous Passions by Nicola Davidson

Title: Scandalous Passions Author: Nicola Davidson Publisher: Entangled: Scorched Publication Date: May 11, 2020 Genres: Erotic Romance Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-led, female-authored Far more than just the female-led polyamorous romance I expected, Scandalous Passions was passionate, empowering, and thoughtful, built around a trio of lonely lovers who are eminently lovable from the moment they step on the page. Nicola Davidson has written... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Song of Blood & Stone by L. Penelope

Title: Song of Blood & Stone Author: L. Penelope Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin Publication Date: July 16, 2019 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, female-authored Although Song of Blood & Stone wasn't quite what I was expecting - it took a long while to acclimate myself to the world-building, and it was more YA than I was expecting - once I settled... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: The Slave His Mistress And Her Mother by Sophia James

Title: The Slave His Mistress And Her Mother Author: Sophia James Publisher: ARB Publication Date: April 9, 2013 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored, Female-dominant, Female-fronted Even though it's harder, darker, and crueler than I generally prefer as a work of erotica, The Slave His Mistress And Her Mother was still entirely fascinating as a human drama and a tense thriller. In... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Stealing Thunder by Alina Boyden

Title: Stealing Thunder Author: Alina Boyden Publisher: Ace Publication Date: May 12, 2020 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, female-authored, transgender As the first adult fantasy novel with a trans woman main character, written by a trans woman author, ever to be published by a mainstream press in the United States, I had high hopes for Stealing Thunder. I didn't just want... Continue Reading →

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