Book Review & Giveaway: Bloodlaced by Courtney Maguire

Kanjin hardly view their servants as human. Even less so when they are different. Asagi is different. Both a man and a woman. In the wake of his failure to protect a boy he saw as a son from their abusive master, Asagi is sold into the house of a young nobleman, Mahiro, who is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Getting Even – Prank War by M.C. Questgend

Title: Getting Even: Prank War Author: M.C. Questgend Publisher: M.C. Questgend Publication Date: October 4, 2020 Genres: Erotic Horror Shelves: Female-authored, transgender While there's no doubt that M.C. Questgend has written some dark stories over the years, some painful tales of characters challenged and betrayed, Getting Even: Prank War is a whole other level of erotic horror. It's a story... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lady of Stone by Barbara Ann Wright

Title: Lady of Stone Author: Barbara Ann Wright Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Publication Date:  Sept. 15 2020 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Female-author, female-fronted A prequel to her Pyradisté Adventures, Lady of Stone is a perfect introduction to Barbara Ann Wright's world of fantasy and magic. Even though it's been ages since I read The Pyramid Waltz, and I've yet... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Protecting Shawna by M.C. Questgend

Title: Protecting Shawna Author: M.C. Questgend Publisher: M.C. Questgend Publication Date: September 18, 2020 Genres: Romance Shelves: Female-authored, transgender The best authors are continually challenging themselves, pushing themselves in new directions, and striving to grow as storytellers. While I have always enjoyed M.C. Questgend's edgy sort of erotica, she's been making the push into more imaginative and romantic storytelling, as... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Her Roman Slave by Regina Watts

Title: Her Roman Slave Author: Regina Watts Publisher: Painted Blue Publishing Publication Date: May 31, 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-author, Female-dominant My third literary dalliance with the magnificent Regina Watts, Her Roman Slave further proves that she can apply her erotic imagination to just about any genre and find something new and exciting within it to delight readers. What excited... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Deeply Hidden Secrets by M.C. Questgend

Title: Deeply Hidden Secrets Author: M.C. Questgend Publisher: M.C. Questgend Publication Date: August 4, 202 Genres: Erotica, Thriller Shelves: Female-authored, transgender Secrets. They can protect us, but they can also expose us. At their best, they can insulate us from those who would betray us but, at their worst, they can leave us vulnerable to such betrayal. When it comes... Continue Reading →

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