NSFW Book Review: Domination by Pamela Brighton

Title: Domination Author: Pamela Brighton Publisher: Pamela Brighton Publication Date: October 28, 2019 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored, Female-dominant Well-written, lovingly detailed, and erotic without being explicitly sexual, Domination is a stylish collection focused on feminine power and female domination. As a long term player in the London Fetish Scene, Pamela Brighton writes from experience and it shows in both... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Transformations – Witnesses by Wayne & Ann Triskelion

Title: Transformations: Witnesses Author: Wayne & Ann Triskelion Publication Date: July 2, 2018 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-dominant, Female-authored Advertised as "a story of mind control and debauchery, BDSM and extreme body modification," Transformations: Witnesses is all of that and more - with the 'more' getting into sensitive matters of faith, politics, identity, and consent. The backstory here... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Best Bondage Erotica of the Year edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Title: Best Bondage Erotica of the Year Author: Rachel Kramer Bussel Publisher: Cleis Press Publication Date: March 10, 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored, Female-dominant There are some anthologies I pick up because I'm excited about the theme, and others because there are a few authors I can count on, and a select few that I feel drawn to because... Continue Reading →

NSFW Book Review: Hell’s Mercy by Katherine Wyvern

Title: Hell's Mercy Author: Katherine Wyvern Publisher: Evernight Publishing Publication Date: Jan. 13 2020 Genres: Erotica Shelves: Female-authored, female-dominant, transgender When it comes to erotica authors, there are plenty of writers and storytellers, but there are few true artists. I am talking about authors who make of their prose a legitimate work of art, who paint literary scenes so vivid... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Splintegrate by Deborah Teramis Christian

Title: Splintegrate Author: Deborah Teramis Christian Publisher: Tor Books Publication Date:  December 31, 2019 Genres: Sci-fi Shelves: Female-fronted, Female-authored, Female-dominant Like the best science fiction, Splintegrate is a novel of ideas, one that explores questions of identity on a number of levels. Deborah Teramis Christian delves deep into body modification, cybernetic implants, and cloning, while also taking a hard... Continue Reading →

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