Book Review: Stealing Thunder by Alina Boyden

Title: Stealing Thunder Author: Alina Boyden Publisher: Ace Publication Date: May 12, 2020 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, female-authored, transgender As the first adult fantasy novel with a trans woman main character, written by a trans woman author, ever to be published by a mainstream press in the United States, I had high hopes for Stealing Thunder. I didn't just want... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Maiden, Mother, Crone by Gwen Benaway

Title: Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes Author: Gwen Benaway Publisher: Bedside Press Publication Date:  April 27, 2019 Genres: Fantasy Shelves: Female-fronted, Transgender Although uneven in terms of quality, with a few stories that strayed a little too far from 'fantastical' for my tastes, the fact that a collection like Maiden, Mother, Crone is a collection that's well worth... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson

Title: Frankissstein Author: Jeanette Winterson Publisher: Grove Press Publication Date: October 1, 2019 Genres: Sci-Fi Shelves: Transgender What the fuck did I just read? How the fuck did this get published? And, in what fucking universe does shit like this get longlisted for an award? There's some small justice in that this travesty of fiction didn't make the Booker shortlist,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Smoke in the Glass by Chris Humphreys

Title: Smoke in the Glass Author: Chris Humphreys Publisher:  Gollancz Publication Date:  May 16, 2019 Genres: Epic Fantasy Shelves: Transgender Smoke in the Glass begins with a simple concept, exploring what it means to be immortal in four different cultures, each of which is socially and geographically isolated from the others. What we have here are four lands... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Mistress Of The Air by S. Nano

Title: Mistress Of The Air Author: S. Nano Publisher: Excessica Publication Date: April 21st, 2017 Genres: Steampunk, Erotica Shelves: Female-dominant, Female-fronted Femdom erotica, steampunk adventure, and pulp humor. Most people will tell you the three shouldn't go together. They might even argue that they shouldn't even be in the same sentence, much less the same book. They're wrong. The latter two work together... Continue Reading →

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